Note from a postdoc

Ignacio Palomo – Postdoctoral Researcher

“I joined BC3 in 2014, after a transdisciplinary PhD at the Social-Ecological Systems Laboratory at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Throughout my post-doc years at BC3, I have sought to develop research that contributes to the sustainability challenge. Alpinism being one of my passions, the human dimensions of climate change on mountain environments slowly emerged as a central research line for me.

Having started blogging on this topic in 2011, focusing on this research line, quickly allowed me to join passion and work. From the beginning, I realized that BC3 has the fresh, welcoming atmosphere of new institutions, which facilitates collaboration within research lines and disciplines. Collaborating closely with Ikerbasque Prof. Unai Pascual, I dived into an international environment that allowed me to grow as a scientist and as a person, and have recently been selected as Fellow and Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and member of the Global Young Academy (GYA).

Together with other BC3ers, I am trying to foster sustainable mobility by regularly cycling to campus despite Bilbao´s famous weather. I really appreciate the team we are at BC3,
and how we support, motivate and inspire each other. The mix of cultures, backgrounds, different research topics and the passion we put into our work, have made BC3 a great place to work. In only ten years, BC3 has become an internationally renowned research centre. Let us work together to continue this great trajectory in the next ten years to come.”

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