Associate Researchers

Luis Mª Abadie

Luis Mª Abadie – BC3 former member

Cristina Pizarro

Cristina Pizarro – BC3 former member

Marta Pascual

Marta Pascual – BC3 former member

Aitor Andonegi

Aitor Andonegi

David Hoyos

Eneko Garmendia

Eneko Garmendia – BC3 former member

Alejandro Cearreta

Petr Mariel

Alberto Ansuategi

Alberto Ansuategi

Marta Escapa

Marta Escapa

Pablo A. Gálvez

Eñaut Izagirre

Amaia de Ayala

Amaia de Ayala – BC3 former member

Javier Martínez López

Javier Martínez López – BC3 former member

Gonzalo Morcillo Juliani

Gonzalo Morcillo Juliani

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