A SPOTLIGHT on a PhD Candidate

“Two years ago I became part of BC3 as a PhD student and, at that moment, I started the most challenging and enriching experience of my life. The truth is that I arrived here without knowing anything about this centre and, because of my ignorance I was not expecting at all to be mainly surrounded by economists, especially in a research centre focused on climate change. In fact, some of them were also surprised when they saw me in the office with my backpack and fieldwork clothes, or watering plants for my experiments.

These kinds of situations happen when you work in a multidisciplinary centre such as BC3. We come from different backgrounds, so we see climate change issues from different but complementary perspectives. Far from being a weakness, I see this as our best strength. BC3 is a very enriching place for research, where I have learnt the importance of diverse social and political factors for nature conservation.

I would also like to highlight the essential work done by the administration team. I am sure that wherever I will work in the future I will never find such an efficient and supportive group. I feel very grateful to belong to this marvellous family who has made me realise how much I like science. I am living many special and unforgettable moments with great people that help me to face the challenges of this learning process.”

Asun Rodriguez – Junior Researcher & PhD Student

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